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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

EZ Bend Waterproof Vibrator


Sex toys should always be fun, easy to use, and most importantly, they need to get the job done – and the EZ Bend Stud passes the test with ease! There's so much to like about the EZ Bend Stud. What makes this vibrator unique is you can position it and bend it in virtually any direction you can dream up and still get the powerful stimulation you're looking for.

What I immediately liked about this vibrator was the shape. It's almost too perfect. The six inch ballsy dong has a beautifully sculpted penis head, with a delightful ridge underneath just like a real cock, and the pink jelly material surrounding the powerful vibrator motor and shaft feels amazing against your delicate girlparts.

This vibrator is for women who like penetration when they masturbate, and because the dong is shaped like an average male penis, most women will feel completely comfortable inserting this vibrator inside themselves, all the way up to the ballsy end! Being able to bend this vibrator in any direction you want really helps you position it in that perfect spot, and being able to easily slip it inside your pussy and then grind the shaft against your clit will be enough to drive you wild.

The motor is powerful enough to deliver high intensity stimulation, taking three triple A batteries, and with a standard rotary control knob at the base under the balls which should be familiar to any woman who has used a vibrator before.

The pink jelly feels absolutely delightful, especially against your clit. A perfect use for the EZ Bend Stud is to practice ‘clit fucking'. Never heard of it? Clit fucking is a delightful activity where your guy slides his cock inside your cunt, getting his skin all wet and slippery, and then taking it out and rubbing the head of his cock directly against your clit until you explode in orgasm. The EZ Bend Stud is perfect for playing this kind of fantasy out with the powerful vibrator combined with soft jelly and endless bending possibilities!

The bending is achieved by a large coil in the center of the dong which holds the shape you bend it to. The motor sits above the coil, and the controls below it. It's a great package and fantastic design. This toy is also perfect for women who want to play with a dildo but may be a little intimidated by something larger. This six inch cock is smooth and sleek but with enough detail to completely satisfy your cravings for cock!

The EZ Bend Stud is also waterproof, making it perfect for some private time in your bath or shower or even in your Jacuzzi with your lovers!

I tried out the EZ Bend Stud in the shower. I got myself all worked up by soaping up my body and teasing my nipples and my clit, then sat down with the water running over me and opened my legs. The vibrator easily slid inside my wet pussy and I started to fuck myself with it, slowly moving the cock in and out of me. I then turned on the vibrator. The sensation of being penetrated by a vibrating cock was fantastic. I slipped it out and started grinding the soft head against my clit, which felt extremely authentic because of the soft jelly. I alternated between sliding the vibrator inside my pussy and using it on my clit until I felt my orgasm building. I knew I was close, so I slid the cock into my cunt again and started fucking myself really hard with long deep strokes and with my fingers rubbing my clit my pussy squeezed tight around the vibrator and I had an amazing intense orgasm.

This is a fun toy and it can be used in a variety of ways, in or out of the water, but especially in the shower! It has a very nice shape and a powerful vibrator motor. Being able to bend it will allow you to position this toy how you like it, even making it hands free if you want to set it on a pillow and ride it out and get off like that. The EZ Bend Stud is Lazy Geisha tested and approved!

See the The EZ Bend Stud Vibrator here

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blue Dual Penetrator Vibrator Review

I like to spoil myself. I haven’t had anyone (yet) in my life to spoil me, so it is one of those things that I take pleasure in doing for myself. There is very little I deny myself as I believe you only live once and therefore must squeeze every moment for the pleasure it provides. Because of this motto, when I find a toy that can satisfy two desires at once, I jump on it. Pun intended.

Such is the Dual Penetrator Vibrator. Being rather vain, the first thing I noticed about this vibe is its beautiful clear, bright blue color. I like pretty vibrators in hot colors. Because it is waterproof, there are no wires or controllers to get tangled around your thighs or wrists. The next thing I noticed is that it was not as big as I thought it would be. It is one thing to read measurements and see a picture; it is another thing entirely when said object is in your hands.

Mind you, I was not disappointed. This toy is petite, and would be perfect for someone who is new to anal play and double penetration. The front penis is vascular and shaped like a penis, albeit a narrow one, and the back probe is a series of beads. Both are very flexible. I loaded the toy with batteries and turned it on. The dial knob allows for adjustable vibration from mild to ooooh yes! I could hardly wait to get it inside me.

One of my favorite sexual escapades took place in my kitchen, bent over one of my dining chairs. On this particular day, that came to mind and I decided to relive it with the help of my new blue toy. I shimmied out of my clothes and went for the lube right there next to the centerpiece.

As with any anal exploration, the key is lubrication lubrication lubrication. I used Pjur Woman Lubricant and love the consistency and natural feel of it. With one knee propped on the chair, spread open as if on display, I stroked the lube on my clit and pussy. I didn’t need much as I was getting quite turned on at just how depraved and anxious I was. I swirled some lube around my bum, just inside, and then lubed the beaded part of the Dual Penetrator, just to get it good and slippery. I do so love slippery.

Then, bent over my dining chair, braced against the table, I inserted first the anal probe then the penis.

Being rather narrow, they were easy to insert. The base has a 5” shaft / handle which makes it easy to grasp once the toy is in. I turned it on low and started to purr. I began pumping, pressing it deep into me, both holes filled, penises moving in unison. The vibration traveled the length of both cocks, teasing me, making the pleasure mix so that I could not differentiate what felt better, my bum or my puss.

I wanted it all, to take it all inside me. I moved my knee from the chair to the high table, as if I were going to crawl up on it. I thought about my lover thrusting into me from behind the last time I was bent over in this room. Then, I turned the vibration all the way high and began thrusting fast. My senses were on overload, such that I knew an orgasm was on its way and that there would be no stopping it.

Have you ever had that? Knowing you were going to come, but not being there yet, the feeling so intense, almost painful so that your stomach clenches and you can barely breathe, knowing that when you do come, it will be one that rocks you from the inside out. That’s where I was. The feel of the beads popping in and out of my bum, sliding through the tight muscles, the vibration against my body between the two holes, the front toy giving my sex something to grip. Delicious.

My orgasm was complete, more than a clitoral, more than a vaginal, more than anal. It was all encompassing because I had pleasured all of myself at once. As I laid panting over my table, breasts pressed against the cool wood, I felt the aftershocks, the throbbing in my sex that tells me I got off really really well. I can’t help but smile wickedly when I look at my table now and think of that. Though I’ve played with the Dual Penetrator since in the shower and in bed, the best was still splayed out on my dining table. Anyone want to come for dinner? See it now at The South Coast Pleasure Company

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Glass Pleasure Dong with Swirls: Seductive and Sensual Pleasure

Glass Pleasure Dong DIldo from

The first time I heard about glass dildos was from an episode of HBO's Real Sex which I saw several years ago. I remember thinking to myself that these luscious creations were going to be the must have toy for women everywhere, and as it turns out, I was right. I remember watching the women using these elegant toys with their partners and what struck me the most was the look of absolute bliss on their faces as they swirled these hand blown shapes of solid glass in and out of themselves and the amazing orgasms they achieved with them. At the time I remember looking around online and not only were glass dildos an exclusive item with few manufactures, but they were also very expensive. Now, Doc Johnson has a line of glass toys available which are every bit as elegant as they are affordable.

The glass pleasure dong with swirls is a solid piece of hand blown clear glass with a seemingly endless spiral of cobalt blue swirls around the shaft. There's weight to this dong too, and as you pick it up and hold it in your hand, you're immediately impressed with the sleek texture and the overall presence of what you're holding. I found myself spinning the dong between my fingers and watching the blue swirls move around the glass as I turned it and let it slide across my hand, and what I discovered was that there's absolutely no friction, the toy just glides over your skin which makes it simply a delight to play with. There's a large 1 ½ inch ball on one end which is perfectly rounded, and the shaft then extends and tapers into a smooth tip, with the overall length of the toy being seven inches.

What makes this such a beautiful piece to own is clearly the design. There's a certain sensuality, a particular lusciousness to this sexual creation which captures your erotic imagination. The striking contrast of the solid reflective glass and with the raised cobalt blue pleasure swirls invites you in and makes you want to use this dildo over and over again. It can quickly become one of your favorites just based on appearance alone, but using it is something truly delightful.

Because this dildo is made from solid glass it's extremely hard, and the shape is perfect for exploring the very depths of your pussy, including being able to stroke your swelling g-spot! The first time I used my glass dildo I was extremely worked up just thinking about playing with it! As I spread my legs open and slid the glass against my clit, the dildo picked up all of my own hot juices which just slid over the glass until it became as slippery as I was. As I slipped it deep inside myself I held the round base and began to twirl it, allowing the raised swirls to grind against the silky walls of my cunt. While holding the dildo still in one place and then turning it, the swirls felt like they were moving back and forth inside me, which felt absolutely amazing! I pushed in a little deeper and worked it up against my gpot, holding the base tight with one hand as my other hand furiously rubbed my clit. Before I exploded with a mind blowing orgasm, I slid the dildo out and used the round ball at the base to run up and down along my slit, and then used the swirls against my swollen clitoris until I got myself off. Now I know why those women had that look of pure bliss on their faces!

The Doc Johnson Glass Pleasure Dong is non-porous and hypoallergenic, it's also listed as dishwasher safe, so it can be sterilized easily. The solid glass also allows for temperature play; it can be heated up and chilled to give you a whole range of delightful experiences!
Glass dildos are wonderful sex toys, and this particular dildo would be a wonderful addition to any woman's collection! A personal lazy geisha favorite; beautiful and a wonderfully sensual way to experience self love.

See it here.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Waterpoof iVibe Rabbit Vibrator: The Perfect Sex Toy

The Waterpoof iVibe Rabbit Vibrator: The Perfect Sex Toy

If I stopped for a moment to think about all the orgasms I’ve given myself in the pursuit of testing and reviewing sex toys, the most memorable ones I’ve had have been with the
Doc Johnson iVibe Rabbit Vibrator.
This is the one you’ve been waiting for girls!

It’s no mystery why the iVibe Rabbit has quickly become one of the best selling sex toys worldwide – everything about this vibe has been carefully designed with your maximum pleasure in mind. Simply put, the iVibe is the Neiman Marcus of sex toys - and owning one will open up doors of orgasmic ecstasy that you’ve always dreamed about.

Unless you’ve been hiding out for the last few years on some
remote desert island, you’ve likely heard about The Rabbit. First introduced into our collective consciousness by the creators of HBO’s Sex in the City, the rabbit has evolved and the result is the iVibe, with its advanced technology and multiple settings which deliver an endless series of vibrator patterns inside and outside your delicate pink girlparts, with total control right at your fingertips. Orgasms will never be the same!

Let’s talk about the design

The iVibe is ten inches long from base to delightful tip, offering close to six inches of insertable cock with enough girth to satisfy any girl’s cravings. The shaft is made and covered with a soft jelly which bends to your every curve, and it’s resilient enough for you to really grind it into
your pussy. The iVibe is tipped with a perfect penis head with a fully rounded ridge underneath just Ivibe Rabbit Earslike a real cock, and there’s enough detail on the shaft for you to really feel it when it’s inside you. About 2 ½ inches down from the tip are the luminescent pleasure pearls taking up almost three inches of the shaft. These pleasure pearls swirl around and around delivering amazing stimulation to the entrance of your pussy and all the way inside. Jutting out from the top of the shaft is what gives this vibe its name, the rabbit and bunny ears. These ears extend out from the rabbit delivering heart stopping and mind blowing stimulation to your clitoris all while the pearls are spinning and the tip of the shaft is swirling around the silky depths of your sugar walls.

The control panel is located at the base with separate on/off controls for the shaft and for the bunny, with three function controls located in the center.

Let’s talk about how it works

Ivibe Rotating PearlsThe delight of the iVibe is in the controls and the endless series of patterns you can create, tailoring your experience to your individual taste. You might be in the mood for just some clit action and want to use the shaft as a dildo – you can do that! Or you might be in the mood for some swirling g-spot stimulation and want to really throttle this cock deep inside you – you can do that too! The iVibe has enough options for you to design your perfect orgasm and perfect level of vibrator intensity, or you can set the controls to everything on and just go for it! Any way you choose to use the iVibe, you won’t be disappointed!

A little more about the iVibe’s function controls:

Function 1 sets the rabbit ears to vibrate while the shaft rotates and the pleasure pearls swirl.

Function 2 sends the rabbit ears moving rhythmically from side to side while the head of the shaft pivots right to left and front to back.

Function 3 sets the ears into a dizzying series of pulses in short quick motions as the head of the shaft swings to and fro.

The sheer delight of the iVibe is that you control the functions and you control your pleasure!

A little more to know before you buy

The iVibe is available in several delicious colors, Strawberry, Lime, Tangerine, Grape, and Blueberry. It takes four AA batteries; one pair for the bunny ears and one pair for the shaft. And… it’s waterproof! Meaning that you can take the iVibe into your bath, shower, hot-tub, or anywhere else you might want to get all wet and slippery!

There’s a whole lot to love about the iVibe. Most sex toys or vibrators do one or two things really well, but the iVibe does lots of things really well! It’s a fantastic clitoral vibrator, a great dildo, and a fantastic g-spot vibrator, all in one easy to use design! This is truly the sex toy of the 21st century! So much thought has gone into the design of the iVibe, with it delivering multiple levels of stimulation to your vagina, clitoris, and gspot – you might never want to put it down! It’s easy to see how we could become addicted to a sex toy like this!

The iVibe is also powerful, extremely powerful. There’s nothing worse than a vibrator that lacks the power to get the job done, but the iVibe has no such shortcomings. This vibe packs a punch and it delivers every inch of pleasure you’d come to expect from a vibrator such as this. It’s
a high end vibe with advanced physics and enough sensuality to hook you for life.

Using the iVibe

For me, masturbation is all about connection with my own body. Touching myself and bringing myself to orgasm helps me to understand what I like and where I like to be touched. It’s also good for your soul to indulge in a little self love in addition to having a healthy sex life with
your partners. It feels good, and making yourself feel good and giving yourself orgasms helps to relieve stress and it’s good for your overall psychological and emotional health too. How can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself first?

The first time I used the iVibe I crawled into bed with it and was just so excited by the sheer size of this awesome vibrator. I began to touch myself, playing with my nipples until they were stiff and slowly running my fingers down over my abdomen until I felt myself starting to get wet. I slipped my hand into my panties and started massaging my clit, dipping my finger into
my wet cunt and spreading my own slippery bliss all over my clit and labia, working myself up into a good self love groove. I was alone in the house, which sometimes makes all the difference to being able to get into your autoerotic experiences – when no one’s home you can make all the noise you want, take your time, and indulge your every whim!

I slid my panties off and tossed them to the floor and spread my legs wide. I ran the soft head of the iVibe up and down along my labia, using it to part my inner lips and dabbed the tip inside my cunt getting the toy wet and slippery. I slid it inside myself just to get a feel for it and I was surprised by how much like a real cock it felt like and how much girth it really had. I turned on the shaft starting with the lowest setting and started working my way up as I pushed the toy deeper inside my hot pussy. This toy does all the work for you, so I laid back and just allowed the sensations come over me as the head of the iVibe swirled inside me. I immediately noticed how wet I was getting and how good the spinning pleasure pearls felt against the walls of my pussy as the tip spun around and around, and I had yet to turn on the bunny ears!

As I played with the function controls and turned up the intensity, I found my perfect spot! With the head rocking back and forth inside me, I pushed the iVibe in as far as I could. My first orgasm completely snuck up on me, taking me by surprise as the head hit my gspot perfectly, sending shudders throughout my body causing me to drop the iVibe right out of my hand
onto the bed. It was that intense! As I caught my breath and a few minutes passed, my pussy was so sensitive that I didn’t think I’d be able to come again so quick. I was wrong.

I needed a little bit of ramp up again to get me ready for another orgasm, so I slid the iVibe out of me and just used the tip on a slow setting to massage my outer labia until I started tingling again and I was ready for more. I slid the cock back into my pussy and changed the settings
a bit so I could get a nice slow groove going, and I brought the bunny ears up to my clit and turned them on. The sensations were amazing, so good that I knew that I would soon be having another orgasm. I ramped up the intensity a bit higher and found a slow rocking motion for the shaft and let the iVibe work its magic on my clit. It didn’t take long for me to come again with the magic bunny ears twirling and buzzing happily around my engorged clitoris! It
was like I had died and gone to orgasm heaven!

I’ve been using the iVibe almost daily and have experimented with so many combinations and possible settings, indulging myself in every possible moment of eroticism and erogenous pleasure. I’m seriously in love with this toy!

Why you need one

There are so many choices, so many good sex toys to choose from, so many ways to give yourself the kind of pleasure you deserve. I consider every sex toy I own to be an investment in myself and my own pleasure. If you’re going to invest in yourself and your own pleasure, then take control of it and get something that’s going to work and isn’t going to disappoint you. The iVibe really works, and it’s perhaps the best sex toy I’ve ever used. Considering how many sex toys I own and have used and reviewed, that says quite a bit. Every woman should own an iVibe Rabbit – and they’re perfect for gifts! Guys can buy one of these for their wife or sweetie; birthday, anniversary, or just because! They also make a perfect shower gift for a bride to be, or as a gift for any woman you know for any occasion! Every woman needs to feel good and the iVibe is a great way to let her know that you think so too!

The Doc Johnson iVibe Rabbit Vibrator is a lazy geisha tested and approved favorite sex toy, and is wholeheartedly and gleefully endorsed!

iVibe Rabbit Vibrator

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Beautiful You: Wearing Sexy Lingerie

The Beautiful You Lingerie Collection

Beautiful You

Inside each and every one of us is a beautiful sensual
being filled with the same vibrancy and grace
as the world's most gorgeous women, and all it
takes is a little nudge to set her free - one
way to help her on her way is with a little silk
and lace.

Wearing sexy
is one of the perks of being born
female. It helps us connect with our femininity,
and it also helps us get in touch with that beautiful
woman inside of us. Let's face it, most of us
don't have supermodel looks, perfect bodies, or
the budget for a personal chef, trainer, plastic
surgeon, or do our shopping on Rodeo Drive in
Beverly Hills, but none of that matters! Feeling
beautiful is a state of mind, it's a state of
being, and when we tap into our femininity and
wrap ourselves in beautiful things we feel as
good, as sexy, and as stunning as any runway supermodel.

So what's the secret?

Sexy Silk Stockings Lingerie

Our natural femininity is drawn out when we slide
those silky stockings up along our legs and then fasten
them to a lacy garter belt. We can't help but
feel connected to everything feminine about us.
Lingerie is such a wonderful and easy way to connect
with that femininity, and the benefits of doing
so are countless.

Victorian Stretch Jacquard Corset

Let's focus on us for a moment. Our bodies are curvy,
soft, we have swells of flesh which beg to be
touched, and we're built this way for one reason,
to attract members of the opposite sex. It isn't
any mystery why we have curves and why men stop
dead in their tracks when they see a woman walking
by them. They stop to look because they're visually
attracted to our bodies, and by accentuating our
bodies and our natural attributes, we attract
more attention. But what about us? What benefits
do we get from wearing sexy things like lingerie?
The benefit is that we feel beautiful. Our mind
is our body's biggest erogenous zone, and that
state of mind we get into when we slip into a
silky babydoll
or a lacy
or even a
laced up corset
with garters is priceless.
Putting ourselves in that state of mind makes
us feel desirable, sexy, and sometimes even a
little naughty! Women spend thousands of dollars
every year on makeup, perfumes, hair products,
clothes, all to look and feel good about ourselves
and to look and feel beautiful. Why should that
stop in the bedroom? Yes, your body is beautiful,
but wrapping yourself in soft pretty things only
enhances that natural beauty.

Sexy Costumes

Lingerie is also a fun way to indulge some of your naughty
fantasies with things like
or even a wicked corset to help make
you feel like the gorgeous sex kitten that you

Lingerie isn't just for
the girls with the perfect bodies anymore either.
Most companies now offer
lingerie in plus sizes
so women of all shapes
can indulge in their own beauty and feel just
as desirable.

So what about the guys?
Men are visually stimulated, so when he sees you
dressed in your beautiful lingerie, you're going
to get his attention and stir his desires. Men
seek out that femininity, that vulnerability in
women, and when we accentuate our femininity with
lingerie, we radiate with female energy which
brings out his masculine energy. Make no mistake
about it girls, you're in control in the bedroom,
and if you want your man to worship you all night
until the break of dawn, then you need to take
charge of your femininity and give him something
to worship!

Let him slowly undress
you. Invite him to sit back and watch you slide
your stocking off. By the time he gets his hands
on you he's going to be wild with only one thing
on his mind, YOU!

There are so many good
things about feeling beautiful. The emotional
and psychological benefits of feeling desirable
are so essential to our well being. If you're
not ready for a full blown erotic lingerie makeover,
try starting slow with maybe a nice silky teddy
or even a satin robe, and then work your way up
to something sexier. It's entirely up to you how
much lingerie you want to wear, but remember,
you're doing it for you. That's what's most important,
that you do it for yourself first. Make yourself
feel beautiful, sexy and alive and the world will
respond. And if not the world… then the one you
love and the one who loves you.

And that ladies, is all
that really matters.

See the South Coast Pleasure lingerie collection here.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Njoy Stainless Steel Pure Plug

The Pure Plugs are made of the same solid medical 316 grade stainless steel that njoy's other products (the Pure Wand and the Fun Wand) are made with. They are available in three distinct sizes, with respect to the diameter of the head, the overall weight of the plug, and length from stem to tip. Beginners may want to start with the 1 inch plug, and gradually move up to the 1 1/4 inch and then ultimately the 1 1/2 inch. With each larger plug, the weight increase is appreciable as is the overall size. I tried the 1 1/4" and then the 1 1/2" pure plug for my review, and found the weight and size difference between them to be remarkable; which basically means, the larger the plug, the greater the sensation of that delightful stretch of penetration and the feelings of being filled.

The shape is another amazing feature of the Pure Plugs. The heads are similar to the teardrop or penis head shape seen on the Fun Wand, but the largest Pure Plug (1 1/2 inch) has the same diameter and overall weight as the large ball on the Fun Wand. Because the Pure Plugs are polished to a silky smooth mirror shine, they take very well to any lubricant (I use pjur woman bodyglide), and they glide along your skin making penetration heavenly. The solid stainless steel adapts very well to changes in temperature making them perfect for alternative play with hot or cold stimulation, but they also transfer body heat almost immediately which gives you an erotically charged warm sensation deep within. The flare, curve, and stem are also delightful surprises with the Pure Plugs! Under the head, there is a flare in the steel which curves down to a beautiful stem, until it bows out to the handle making these the most comfortable and exciting butt plugs you're ever going to find.

It's important to take a quick look at your anatomy to understand how and why these work. Just inside your anus are the sphincter muscles which are like an o-ring. When you're experiencing the stretch, this is what you are expanding. Just past the sphincter is the rectum. Depending on your personal taste, you may enjoy more stretch and full feelings, so a larger plug would be a good choice. Others may just enjoy the feelings of being penetrated and want to experience the added pressure of wearing a plug and they may want something smaller - which is why the Pure Plugs come in three sizes!

As you slide the plug inside your anus, you're overwhelmed by that consciousness altering stretch, and then pushing past and just a little further inside, your body closes around the flare and stem holding the plug in place with the head giving you hours upon hours of sexual sensory overload. I've gone out while wearing my plug and was only aware of the stimulation to my body and was completely unaware of the stem or handle. They fit your body as if they were made for you. Removal and cleanup is simple. The handle provides a solid grip to extract the plug and they clean up with just about anything. Avoid using abrasives or you'll lose that njoy shine!

Read Nina's Complete Review Here

Small 1" diameter head $54.00
Medium 1-1/4" diameter head $64.00
Large 1-1/2" diameter head $74.00

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jessica’s Strobing Probe G-spot Vibrator- The Review

I guess I was a little hasty when I received my Jessica’s Strobing Probe G-spot Vibrator; taking it out of the package and practically foaming at the mouth with excitement! I didn’t even catch the ‘strobing’ part at first! As a self proclaimed, non-believer of the whole G-spot concept, I was still a tad skeptical of its ability to seek and pleasure that special spot, but, had to give it a try.

I had studied up on the G-spot phenomenon before and was aware that the ability to achieve this type of orgasm depended not only on actually finding the spot, but also being able to relax and let go, so I knew that getting into the mood was key. I spent an evening out with my new love—or should I say lust interest, and by the time he dropped me off at my door; my juices were definitely flowing! Being somewhat old fashioned meant having to play hard to get, so inviting him in to finish what he started was not yet an option, so it was a great time for me and my new toy.

I undressed and retired to bed with my new vibe and turned it on for the first time—wow! The shape alone made me confident that it would reach territory never explored by my stubby fingers or regular vibrators, and the strobing lights? It was like a foray into the party that I hoped to have inside me! I began by rubbing it on my clit lightly, not wanting to allow the vibrations to push me over the edge right away—and I was aroused enough that it wouldn’t take much! But again—it wasn’t a regular orgasm that I was after. I toyed with my clit and slit for a moment before taking the plunge. I was wet enough that the bottle of Astroglide in my nightstand was not needed and I inserted the toy slowly, being careful with the almost 90 degree angle of the head which was a real departure from any toy I had ever tried before. The strength of the vibration amazed me and tickled my insides just right. I eased the shaft into me as far as I could comfortably and began to work it about, looking for that special something. It was only a couple of minutes before my insides began to quiver with pleasure from the sweet humming, but I held off for the great G-spot explosion. With each pleasurable move of the flashing toy inside I felt an intense twinge that was new to me and continued to work the wand inside my wetness until I felt a sharp, but enjoyable pang. Focusing on the spot, I pressed the vibrator harder against it and let the vibrations and pressure take over. As the sensations began to intensify, I had to resist the urge to pullback from the strange feeling that was building inside. Throwing my head back into my pillow and concentrating on the pleasure, I remembered a tip I had been offered by a friend and used my free hand to press down on my lower abdomen—just above where my toy was working its magic, and with that, the sensation increased almost to a point of being too much to handle—like an itch that you just have to scratch. “Let it go…” I thought to myself, and, with that came a climax that I could only have imagined. My insides quaked, and as I came, I cried out; each shudder bringing on a yelp of sweet ecstasy and warm fluid trickling out of me and down my slit. It was MAGIC!

This toy not only delivered as promised, but won the honor of deflowering and converting this G-spot skeptic, leaving me to bask in amazement before sending me off into the most relaxed sleep possible.

See the Strobing Probe G-spot Vibrator at South Coast Pleasure

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

South Coast Waterproof Mega-Mite Pocket Rocket

Salacious Desires is a happy girl--a very, very happy girl. Why? You ask. Well, it might be because she's gone and found herself a new best friend to play with, I kid you not, she has.

I, SD, have always been one of those women who can't get from that pleasantly aroused state to earth shattering orgasmic bliss without clitoral stimulation and a good bit of it too. So if it's me coming that you're ultimately aiming for ( and trust me, it's absolutely what I'm aiming for), there's no ignoring my fleshy little friend. Without her, it's a ride up frustration creek without a paddle and no bloody fun. And this is where my new "best friend" comes into play.

The "South Coast Waterproof Pocket Rocket" by California Exotic Novelties is a wondrous thing for us women who need constant and somewhat powerful clitoral stimulation. And it is powerful, trust me. It was the first thing I reached for when I opened the package sent to me from the lovely folks at South Coast Pleasure and I couldn't wait to get my hot little hands on it. I immediately rescued my new friend from it's packaging, popped in an "AA" battery, turned it on, laid it against my palm and proceeded to moan unabashedly at the mere thought of what it would feel like vibrating against my clit. And when I finally managed to get it there, I wasn't disappointed.

The packaging claimed that my sexy new friend was in fact "waterproof" and I've read that claim before with disastrous results so I'll admit, I was a bit weary about taking my new friend into the shower with me, which was very much where I wanted to go with it, but I figured no pain no gain and with toy in hand, I headed off toward the bathroom.

One of my absolute favorite places to get intimate with someone is in the shower so a lot of my fantasies are spun there under the hot spray. I don't know, there is just something about the hot water beating against our skin and the smooth, slippery feeling of his flesh sliding against my flesh that makes my insides throb deliciously.

I turned the water on and once the temperature was to my liking, I laid my Mega-Mite down on the lip of the tub and stepped in, letting the hot spray beat against my feet, my shins, my knees, my thighs, my belly, my breasts, my neck and my face before turning around to repeat the process, letting the water tease my calves, my ass, my back, the back of neck and leaning back further to let it run unheeded through my hair. And with my skin soft, wet and flushed I traced one of the rivulets of water as it ran over the curve of my breast, down across my belly and shamelessly disappeared between my thighs.

With the hot water from the shower brazenly blending with the moisture emanating from my own body, my fingers slid easily through the soft wet lips of my pussy. It was bliss. I closed my eyes and thinking of my lovers tongue sliding softly over my hot, wet, swollen clit I reached for my Mega-Mite with my other hand and turned it on ( one of the fabulous features of my new friend is the ease at which it can be turned on, one handed is absolutely no problem, so if your other hand is busy, no worries). I ran it over my nipples first, enjoying the strong vibrating sensation against the sensitive flesh there and then down over my belly to my inner thigh before moving it up over my fingers to my clit. Eureka. It was incredible, I came and came again, no discomfort, no having to remove my friend because of over sensitivity, just a mind blowing orgasm followed by another with equal fervor. Yummy.

From an aesthetic point of view, there's not a thing sexy about the Mega-Mite, but there doesn't need to be, it's power is in it's ability to stimulate the clitoris and it has absolutely no problems there. I've never been a big fan of toys with batteries, I'm an advocate of rechargeable plug-ins, but I'm reconsidering my stance on that and I just might invest in Energizer because I love my new friend and have decided that "AA" batteries will always be at the top of my shopping list. It is somewhat noisy, but not overly so and with the pleasure it brought me, I can deal with a little noise. And best of all, it is, without question, "waterproof".

Get yourself one, I assure you, you won't be sorry.
See it here.

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- SD of Salacious Desires (

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The njoy Pure Wand: Redefining the Female Sexual Experience

It’s rare to find something which challenges your perceptions about your own sexuality, but for me, the njoy Pure Wand has done just that. I’m having a difficult time referring to the Pure Wand as a sex toy because that term simply doesn’t apply to something which has shattered every preconception I’ve ever held about masturbation and my own orgasms.

The Pure Wand has redefined the terms ‘self love’ and ‘self pleasure’ for me in ways which alter my concept of female sexuality. This is not a sex toy, this is sexual evolution. Women will now be able to discover things about their own bodies and their own orgasms in ways that we never would have been able to learn about and experience without the Pure Wand.

I became interested in trying and reviewing the njoy Pure Wand after I’d seen a picture of it online. When I started to research the product, I found that there was very little written about it, and even less written about the experience of using it, but after looking at the picture of this creation, I knew that this was going to change how women could experience the ultimate in sexual pleasure.

First a little about what the Pure Wand is and isn’t. When you hold the Pure Wand in your hand, you immediately appreciate the artistry and vision which has gone into designing it; the asymmetrical balance makes you want to hold it close to your body and feel the weight of it against you. It has a presence, something very tangible as you slip the smooth stainless steel through your fingers. The Pure Wand is heavy, (more on why this is important later), but you may find yourself sliding your fingers over and across the precision stainless steel balls on either end, almost caressing it as if you’ve just discovered a new life form. Because the Pure Wand is shaped unlike any other ‘sex toy’ you may find yourself a bit perplexed about how this is supposed to work - (When I was doing my research, I found next to nothing about this, and there are no instructions provided) – because the shape is indeed completely alien in nature.

The Pure Wand is 24 ounces of pure solid medical 316 grade stainless steel polished to a mirror shine. The two balls on either end are 1 ½ inches and 1 inch respectively – the distance between the balls is about 8 inches and 10 inches along the curve. The design allows for the larger ball to be used on a female for g-spot stimulation and the smaller on a male for prostate stimulation. It doesn’t vibrate, but it does resonate when tapped, and it does respond to its environment very well in terms of temperature and it can be heated or chilled to individual preference for alternative play. The Pure Wand is completely non porous and I found that I did not require any additional lubrication to use it; my own slippery self was more than adequate, with beads of liquid sliding off the steel like millions of raindrops, and it cleans nicely with just about anything. According to Njoy, do not use abrasives.

Using the Pure Wand was something else entirely. This was a process of trial and error, a little frustration, and then orgasmic overload. The purpose of the Pure Wand is to stimulate the Grafenberg or g-spot (also known as the Skene’s gland or urethral sponge). Most women have never experienced what some medical and sexual health experts call the ‘second orgasm’ or g-spot orgasm. Because our sexual anatomy is primarily hidden from view, some experts dismissed the existence of the g-spot because its function is/was unclear. Now, there is a greater understanding of how the g-spot works and what it is, and women have a better understanding of how to stimulate their own. The Pure Wand is such a means of achieving this stimulation.

A little about the g-spot and g-spot orgasms; g-spot stimulation produces orgasmic contractions around the uterus. Most women are familiar with what some call a clitoral orgasm which produces contractions of the vagina and PC muscles. An issue with stimulating the g-spot is that women often feel the need to urinate during stimulation; this is because the g-spot is close to the bladder and the urethra. This sensation usually lasts about 30 seconds and passes with further stimulation resulting in an orgasm felt deep within a woman’s body. I would urge women who plan to pursue pleasuring their own g-spot to understand that these sensations are normal and that you’re not going to pee the bed, but you should relieve yourself first anyway.

Finding your g-spot is a bit trickier. The g-spot is located on the upper wall of your vagina directly behind the pubic bone. It can usually be found between the back of the pubic bone and the front of the cervix along the track of the urethra. The size can vary, but it’s about the size of a lima bean and is an area of spongy tissue which hardens and swells as it fills with blood when stimulated.

Using the Pure Wand

As I began to experiment with the Pure Wand I started to masturbate as I normally would; touching myself, making myself wet, losing myself in my own sexual fantasies. I slid the large ball down along my skin and up and down along my slit. The Pure Wand is the perfect size to hold one end in your hand as you slip the other inside your body. I was very wet and the Pure Wand picked up my body’s own lubrication with delightful ease. It felt a little cold as I slipped it inside my pussy, but I began to slide it around and found that it fit perfectly, went in with ease, and warmed up quickly. I started rubbing my clit as I normally would to masturbate, but my body or better put, my PC muscles started pushing the Pure Wand out of me as I started to have contractions.

The key to using the Pure Wand is you have to push it inside your pussy past your PC muscles so it rests against and makes contact with your g-spot. The 1 ½ inch ball gives you the psychological feeling of being filled, which is such an integral part of the female sexual experience; these feelings of being completed. The design behind the weight of the Pure Wand then becomes apparent; filling, resisting being pushed out, satisfying. Pure genius. Under the 1 ½ inch ball is a slight flare in the steel which tapers down, which my pussy immediately clasped around once the Pure Wand was deep inside me. This had the effect of my pussy pulling the wand deeper into me rather than trying to force it out. With the Pure Wand inside me, my own consciousness shifted to the point where I was unaware that it was there; I only became aware of the sensations it produced and what I was feeling – unlike some other toys where you have to think about it or work at it to get off.

I rode the initial waves and pressures of feeling the need to urinate until they passed as I continued to slide my finger around my clit with one hand, and manipulate the Pure Wand with the other. I applied a slight pressure down on the Pure Wand which brought it up higher against my pubic bone until I was sure I’d made contact with my g-spot. I stayed like this for a while, allowing all of the sensations to wash over me and bring me to higher plateaus of bliss and ecstasy. When I finally reached my orgasm, I felt it come from someplace deep within my body, shaking my very core of existence. I also experienced female ejaculation which was I found to be an earth shattering and mind expanding sexual event. This is a different kind of stimulation and experience. As I have continued to explore the capabilities and levels of orgasm I can reach with the Pure Wand I have found that I am able to bring myself to orgasm by just stimulating my g-spot in addition to being able to have combined orgasms by stimulating my clitoris as well.

The orgasms I have achieved with the Pure Wand are more like altered states of consciousness, with a level of euphoria and ecstasy I have rarely reached through any other means.

This is it. This is what it means to be a woman. The njoy Pure Wand, you haven’t felt anything until you’ve felt this.

By: Nina, The Lazy Geisha

See it here.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Pink Jelly Multi Speed Vibrator

Pink Jelly Multi Speed Vibrator: She’ll Show You How to Grind

This vibrator is not for the timid! Made of soft pliable hot pink jelly, this vibe is all about grinding and rocking your world. It’s a big toy that boasts seven full inches of insertable cock, a wide shaft and flared base, rows of raised nubs and ticklers for clitoral stimulation, and a powerful vibrator motor designed to push you to your limits.

Its simple design makes it perfect for those nights where you’re looking for a little more and have time to play.

I got home from work a little late and found that I had the house to myself. I admit it, I was horny, and I was looking for some much needed sexual relief, but I was also craving something a bit on the wild side!

I locked all the doors and ran up to my bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behind me. By the time I got to my boudoir I was already naked and rummaging through my sex toy drawer when I spied my new Pink Jelly – what a perfect time and mood to try this out! Alone, really horny, and ready to go!

One of my man’s dress shirts was in the laundry basket beside the bed. I reached in and grabbed it and put it on, wrapping myself up with his scent. I am so into scents! Just the excitement of him being near this way was driving me wild and really turning me on!
In my sex basket next to the bed, I now keep a 100ml tube of pjur woman water based body glide. This is by far the finest lube I have ever used in my life. I reached in and slid just a bit onto my pink jelly and laid back on the bed.

My fingers slid down between my open legs, parting my labia and dipping into my wet cunt. I eagerly spread my juices all around my labia and clit getting myself ready. As I slid the pink jelly down to my pussy, I rubbed the soft head against my clit and turned on the vibe.

The beauty of this vibe is that the power is adjusted by rotating the knob at the base, and it’s very easy to use. You can control how much or how little power you want with a simple turn.
I slid the cock all the way into my cunt and started fucking myself with it. This vibrating dildo is incredibly smooth so it glided in and slipped in and out of me with beautiful ease, all while giving me a fantastic sensation of being completely filled.

Now it was time to grind! I turned the vibrator up to full power and rocked my body against it. Because this is made out of soft jelly, it bends to your natural curves, but you can also bend it back up against your clit, using the raised clitoral stimulators along the base for additional stimulation.

With the cock sliding in and out of my cunt, I bent the jelly and grinded it against my clit, giving myself an experience of total pleasure with each thrust as I pushed it all the way inside me.
This toy isn’t so much about stimulating one area to give you an orgasm; it’s about massaging and playing with all of your tender pink girlparts. This vibrator stimulates your cunt, labia and clit all at the same time! It’s a sexual experience all by itself, and one which you can extend until you’re completely satisfied!

I rocked and fucked myself with the pink jelly until I was ready to come. My clit was hard and swollen and my cunt was quivering crying out for relief. I slid my finger up to my clit and started fucking myself hard with the jelly vibe. I was so turned on that I was coming in mere moments. When I was done, I felt so completely satisfied, left with the beautiful sensation of having been fucked to orgasm.

The pink jelly vibrator is a great toy to round out your collection. I wouldn’t recommend it for a first time or everyday use vibrator – but it’s a delightful addition to any woman’s collection. It’s perfect for those moments where you just want to play with yourself or with your partner. It’s quiet which I always appreciate in a vibrator, and it’s big enough to satisfy those size cravings without being too huge that it’s painful and unusable.

Every girl should own this or something quite like it for those moments where enough absolutely has to be enough!

When my man got home later that night, we played with the pink jelly again! It’s visually stimulating for him; this very large hot pink cock sliding in and out of his woman’s pussy! Absolutely delightful!

See it here.

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LELO Lily Vibrator

LELO Lily Vibrator Review

Certainly that’s a bold claim and one I was delighted to explore, so I awaited the arrival of my LELO with lewd anticipation.

Even before opening, I’m aware of how classily the LELO is packaged. It feels special, indulgent and expensive. Upon unwrapping the layers that protect this little darling, I feel like I’m being prepared to receive a very special gift; if you can evoke that sense of joy associated with Christmas gift giving, you’ll be close.

The first thing that strikes me, is how small and seemingly delicate the LELO is. Mine is the aptly named Lily. Available in rich tones of pink, plum or black satin, I have received the dark purple variety. It sits, poised in its box, not a wire to be seen.

Being a wireless toy grants it an excellent advantage in my eyes. Previously my favourite sex toy was a cosmic egg, complete with errant wires and batteries that needed replacing too often (in my opinion). However, the Lily is wire and battery free, so once it’s charged up, it’ll happily run for hours.

‘It’? Allow me to dispense with such impersonal coldness, for already this sweet toy has become something of a familiar pet. It’s a ‘she’ and as close to the Goddess personified as a vibe could be. If Venus herself were to pitch up in the form of a vibe, I’m sure she’d choose the LELO Lily.

You might enjoy learning that lilies symbolise purity and tenderness, so it was with deviant pleasure that I settled down with this lucky charm for an indulgent, sensual self pleasure session. Perhaps the most delightful aspect of the Lily is the way she feels, gorgeous to the touch, so soft, sensual and silky. She’s snug, so ergonomically attuned to the intimate curves of a woman’s body. She nestles into the folds and furrows with subtle ease, as slick as an experienced lover. The Lily invites play. You want to hold her and roll her around in your hands.

The Lelo’s primary function is as a clitoral stimulator, and naturally at this she shines. I found a couple of divine ways for her to explore my vulnerable parts. Instinctively, she feels so right resting against your labia while contentedly buzzing away on your clit, but she gifts a huge level of pleasure resting on the pubis and accessing the clitoris from this higher vantage point. And that’s the inherent beauty and wisdom of the design; it’s made to feed and fit into a woman’s flesh.

Moreover, she’s exceptionally discreet, not only in terms of her appearance but in her deference to quietness. Here there is no need to muffle or hide away for she makes such little noise, a kind of whirling hum. I’ve never known such a quiet toy and that’s exceptional in itself because noise concerns do detract from your pleasure so shedding eavesdropping concerns is a boon.

Indeed, I recently read a report that suggested a high majority of women found most vibrators too noisy, too aggressive and distasteful to look at. In essence the Lily counters each of these problems and so represents the next evolution, as one revolutionary member of the elite LELO family.

Some specifics:

The Lily has dual controls, two buttons at the base; one to speed things up, the other to slow things down. These buttons also lock, which is a true mercy for anyone who’s experienced the shame of a toy setting itself off in your handbag. So it’s really travel friendly.

The vibration intensity increases with each incremental touch of the button. This isn’t a crazy speed freak; her vibration is powerful yet gentle so if you’re looking for something sensual, something that teases a more voluptuous and seductive response from you, this is ideal.

Each Lily comes with a satin pouch for careful carrying and storage, so you can tuck her up well in her gift box. Let’s face it, a subtle and strong means of storage dignifies your pleasure pet immeasurably.

This is easily the most elegant and exquisite clitoral toy (and in fact sexual toy) I have ever seen and experienced. I consider it a mercy and a relief to learn that designers have finally realised that women don’t want, need or like crass sex toys. I find them demeaning and disturbing, and the Lily rights that vulgar imbalance with grace. It’s a long overdue product and I’m a proud owner. Just by these facts alone, the Lily is a sure fire winner.

Interestingly, her floral namesake carries some fascinating associations, among them the symbolism of pure, virginal love. Perhaps it’s the devil in me, but those connotations lend themselves so well to pleasurable corruption. After all, the Lily is the flower of ‘Forever in love,’ and after a blissful night with this irresistible darling, you’ll consider her deserving of that accolade.

- Magdelena

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Vibrator Materials and Care

Vibrator Materials and Care

There are many types of materials used to make vibrators. Each one offers a different appearance and sensation, and selecting the right one for you will enhance your experiences with your toy. Also, different materials require different care when it comes to cleaning. While you can play it safe and use Sex Toy cleaners, some also offer other options for caring for your toy. Here is a run down of the different types available as well as some basic tips for caring for each kind.

Plastic: The most traditional material used to make vibrators and generally the least expensive; they provide a more intense vibration because of plastics ability to transfer the vibration from the motor so effectively. Plastic vibrators can be cleaned using soap and water, rubbing alcohol and sex toy cleaner.

Jelly: Known to be more flexible than other materials, jelly vibrators are often a favorite among vibrator users and makers. It is an easy material to work with, therefore the styles and textures are endless. While still firm enough to mimic an erect penis, jelly is soft and smooth and makes for a flexible sex toy that penetrates easily. Jelly toys can be cleaned using a mild soap with water or sex toy cleaner.

Latex: Often used to make realistic sex toys, latex is firmer than jelly but considerably softer than plastic, therefore making for a vibrator that is a tad more ‘lifelike’ than some of the other materials. One note about latex; a small percentage of people are known to have an allergy to latex, therefore, if you have had problems after contact with latex products in the past; be sure to choose a toy made from another material. These toys can be cleaned using mild soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

Cyberskin: Possibly the most lifelike material, Cyberskin comes closest to imitating the look and feel of real skin. This material has the ability to adapt nicely to your body temperature; that combined with its exceptional softness, makes for an incredibly realistic experience. To keep its texture, Cyberskin toys are sold with a special cleaning solution as well as Cyberskin Renew. These toys may also be cleaned using mild soap and water.

Silicone: Exceptionally durable, toys made from silicone tend to be long lasting and easy to care for. This material offers a varying degree of softness, catering to all types of preferences. One of its best selling points is its ability to be cleansed with boiling water, all types of soaps or sex toy cleaner without any visible wear. They are even dishwasher safe!

Glass: Though sometimes more expensive than vibrators made from other materials; glass vibrators offer a truly smooth and sensuous experience. More durable than you would normally expect from glass, these vibrators are generally made of Pyrex or ‘e-glass’ and are not only able to adapt for your body heat, but can also be heated or cooled to varying temperatures to offer a variety of sensations. Glass toys are easy to clean using soap and water.

Some Extra Things to Keep in Mind
Once you have selected your toy, there is nothing greater than the sweet anticipation of its arrival at your doorstep! Save yourself the disappointment of not being properly prepared for its arrival, by making sure that you have covered all of the necessary bases. Some of the things to remember:

Batteries: Vibrator battery requirements vary from model to model, so make sure that you double check what type of battery you will need when ordering your toy. South Coast Pleasure offers detailed product descriptions which include battery requirements, making it easy for you to be prepared for your toy. Should you forget to check when ordering; this information can also be found on the packaging.

Lubrication: Even those of us who have been given the nickname of ‘wet and wild’ do need some added help when it comes to the department of lubrication! Whether you have purchased a traditional vibrator or an anal vibrator, it is always a good idea to have some lubrication on hand (no pun intended!).

Water based lubrication is your safest bet when it comes to toys as it works well and will not damage any of the materials that toys are made of. As well, water based lubricants will not stain sheets and clothing, offering worry free enjoyment!Some of our Water Based Lubricants include: Astroglide Liquid, Pjur Woman Body Glide and Doc Johnson’s Anal Lube.
South Coast Pleasure also carries Flavored Water Based Lubricants such as Climax Fruit Bomb Lubricants.

Now that you have been schooled in the basics of choosing your vibrator, the only other advice that we can offer is to relax and enjoy. Vibrators are a wonderful source of gratification for you and even your partner and can offer you an endless amount of erotic pleasure and lasting orgasms. They are a great way to explore your sensuality and not only help you learn what your body enjoys and needs to reach maximum sensual fulfillment, but also to teach your partner what it takes to bring you to the brink of ecstasy.
« Buyers Guide

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Vibrator Buyers Guide: Tools to Help Choose the Best Vibe for You

Vibrator Buyers Guide: Tools to Help Choose the Best Vibe for You

Before being blessed with a job that offers up an endless supply of vibrators, I too was a daunted shopper who wasn’t sure which to choose. With all of the different types out there it can be difficult to know which one to buy—are you a jelly girl? Or are you looking for something a little firmer? Are you looking for a traditional vibrator, or the added zing that comes from one of the Rabbit series vibes? This guide is sure to make you a vibrator connoisseur and give you the knowledge needed for you to choose the best vibrator for you and whoever you play with!

There are many different types of vibrators and one way to narrow down the choice is by deciding what uses you’d like the vibrator for, for instance; if you are looking for penetration and want something that vibrates as opposed to a dildo (see also our Dildo Buyers Guide), you may prefer a Traditional Vibrator. If it is a G-spot orgasm that you are after, there are several to choose from curved specifically for finding and tickling your G-spot. Read on for the different types and you will be well on your way to finding your dream vibrator!
Traditional VibratorsA traditional Vibrator is made with basic pleasures in mind—excellent for the sex toy novice. Built for penetration and some clitoral action as well, these tend to be sometimes more streamlined in size (though large ‘fantasy size’ are available for the brave!)
Some of our Traditional Vibrators include: Impulse Slimline, Silver Elegance, Slim Jim, Pink Jelly Multi-speed, Royal Swirl, Royal Sceptor, Black Velvet and for the brave: Cherry Scented Vibro Dong (this monster measures a full 8.5 inches in length with a 2 inch girth!!)
Dual Action Vibrators
These vibrators have become more popular since the television show Sex and the City devoted almost an entire episode to the Rabbit Pearl. Dual Action vibrators may look like a lot of bells and whistles, but if you are looking for intense sensation, then this is the category for you! Designed to offer clitoral and vaginal stimulation, they are built with a clitoral stimulator which is attached to a rotating and vibrating shaft. These vibrators offer pleasure inside and out, making for a lot of bang for your buck!
Some of the Dual Action Vibrators available are: Impulse Jack Rabbit, Jack Rabbit, Decadent Indulgence Hummingbird, Deluxe Rabbit Pearl, Pearl Butterfly, Water Gems Waterproof Bunny and the Colt Rotating Beaded Probe (also great for anal play).

G-Spot Vibrators
Designed with a curve, these vibrators are made to seek and stimulate the G-Spot which is located on the upper, front wall of the vagina (about 2 inches in, and towards the stomach). While not all women feel the same sensation from this spot—it sure can be fun trying! The G-Spot vibrators are curved to maximize this pleasure, but can be used for clitoral stimulation as well.
Our G-Spot Vibrator collection: Generous G-Spot Vibrator, Jessica’s Strobing Probe, Micro-G Opulent Massager, Patchy Paul 11, Temptress’ G-Spot Vibrator, Venus Waterproof Silicone, Waterproof Crystal Nubby G
Clitoral Vibrators
Most women need external clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm; very few are able to climax using penetration alone. If it is clitoral play that you are after, there are a variety of Clitoral Vibrators to choose from. These tend to be smaller in size which is just fine for the purpose that they serve. They also offer a more intense vibration than some of the other types that I have mentioned. Aside from mind blowing orgasms, another perk of a Clitoral Vibrator is the portability—most are discreet enough for use almost anywhere and are easily incorporated into sex play with a partner. We also carry a couple that are incognito; disguised as a lipstick and a key chain—perfect for your purse!
South Coast Pleasure offers these Clitoral Vibrators: South Coast Waterproof Pocket Rocket, Classic Pink Pocket Rocket, Fukuoku 9000, Passion Flower, Impulse Wireless Key Chain, Secret Pleasures, The Tongue 11, Waterproof Contoured Pearl, Impulse Silver Egg, Silver Bullet and; for both his and hers pleasure: Lilac Ele (offers clitoral stimulation as well as vibrations for his pleasure as well!)
Anal Vibrators
These vibrators are slim in size and usually seamless to offer safe play for the beginner or novice. Anal Vibrators also vary in length and come in the form of ‘butt plugs’ as well; meant to stay inside while leaving your hands free to devote to other pleasure seeking parts! These can also be left inside while you engage in vaginal intercourse for the excitement of double penetration.
Our Anal Vibrator Selection consists of: Backdoor Beaded Rotator, Colt Beaded Probe, Futurotic Velvet Anal T, Tantus Zing Wireless Vibrating Butt Plug, and Slim Jim Vibrator.
Hands Free Vibrators
These vibrators are designed with the naughty in mind! Able to be worn under your clothing, these Hands Free Vibrators can be worn anytime and anywhere that you dare! Offering clitoral stimulation in the comfort of your panties these will surely bring pleasure to the most mundane occasions!
Some of our Hands Free Collection: Sexy Tiger remote Control Vibrating Panty, Tickling Panties, Remote Butterfly, Impulse Hypersonic, Remote Tickling Panties

Vibrator Materials and Care »

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Dildo Materials and Care

Dildo Materials and Care

As you have read, the array of Dildos is endless, and that not only counts for the styles, but also the various materials they are made from. Each material brings a different feel and texture to the dildo and they vary in durability and care. Those who opt for a Non-Vibrating Dildo are usually after a realistic experience, therefore making materials such as Cyberskin or Ultraskin a great choice. At the same time though, the super realistic feeling of these materials may involve abit more upkeep than you were looking for making a silicone sex toy a better choice for you. While all sex toy materials vary in cleaning requirements, they can all be cleansed using Sex Toy Cleaner—a safe option no matter what type of dildo you choose. I will go over each type of material available and their specific care requirements to help you in the final stages of choosing the best dildo for you and your lifestyle.
Cyberskin/Ultraskin: Made to feel as soft and look as real as human skin and because of its ability to adapt to body temperature; these materials are a favorite among those looking for a realistic dildo experience. To maintain its softness, abit of extra care is required, so is the reason that Cyberskin and Ultraskin products normally come with a supply of cleaning solution as well as special talc (Cyberskin Renew). Harsh detergents are not recommended for this material, though a mild soap and water should be fine as would be sex toy cleaner.
Jelly: Soft, flexible and easy to work with, Jelly Dildos are available in many colors and styles. Sex toys made of jelly offer a smooth and silky feel that doesn’t compare to any of the other materials. Incredibly pliable, these adult play toys offer the ability to be as firm or soft as one would need for excellent penetration. Jelly dildos can be cleaned using either Sex Toy Cleaner or a mild soap with water.
Plastic: Durable and relatively inexpensive, plastic makes for a hard and smooth exterior and is often used for making anal beads and plugs. Easy to care for, you can clean your plastic dildo using sex toy cleaner, soap and water or even rubbing alcohol.
Silicone: Dildos made from silicone are an excellent choice for those who crave the lifelike feel of a penis without the extra care that is required for those adult play toys made of Cyberskin. Silicone, though not exactly as realistic as Cyberskin and Ultraskin, comes pretty close. These toys offer great satiny feel, firmness and long lasting durability as well as easy care. Silicone dildos can be cleaned almost anyway imaginable—sex toy cleaner, soap and water, rubbing alcohol or even a trip through the dishwasher!
Latex: Offering a less expensive but equally enjoyable dildo experience; latex is a nice choice, with all kinds of styles available. In the event that you are planning to share your latex toy; a condom is recommended as latex is abit porous and not as easy to clean as other materials and may hold bacteria when not well cleaned. Preferred cleaning methods for latex include Sex Toy Cleaner or mild soap and water. Also, while latex provides a pleasurable feeling, it is a material that has a reputation for causing an allergic reaction to a small percentage of people, therefore, if you have experienced any symptoms after use of other latex products in the past, this may not be the best alternative for you.
Glass: A truly decadent and sexy choice; Glass Dildos feel soft and smooth and are aesthetically pleasing. Generally made form Pyrex or ‘e-glass’, these sex toys are far more durable than one would expect; even able to tolerate being heated or cooled to varying degrees while remaining chip/scratch resistant and safe. Glass Dildos are also easy to care for using Sex Toy Cleaner, soap and water.
Extras to Enhance Your Dildo Experience
With your Non-Vibrating Dildo selected, you are almost ready to enjoy the fulfillment that one of these erotic sex toys can bring—almost! There are a couple of extra things that you should keep in mind when using your dildo:
Lubrication: Since the primary use for dildos is penetration, it is a good idea to have a water based lubricant on hand and an absolute must if you are using your dildo for anal play. A water based lubricant is not only effective, but it is also safe for use on all types of dildos. It will also not stain your sheets or clothing leaving your mind free to focus on your enjoyment and be a sloppy as you wish! South Coast Pleasure offers a large variety of water based lubricants including ones flavored to enhance your experience.
South Coast Pleasures array of Water Based Lubricants include: Astroglide Liquid, Pjur Woman Body Glide, Doc Johnson’s Anal Lube, Climax Fruit Bomb Lubricants (flavored!)
Finally, one last thing to keep in mind before venturing into the erotic pleasures that a Non-Vibrating Dildo can offer is safety. While sharing your dildo with a partner (or two!) is a wonderful way to explore your sexuality, making sure that your dildo is clean is key—especially when using it for both anal and vaginal penetration as bacteria is easily transferred this way. Ensure that your dildo is properly cleaned and remember that much like a penis—a dildo will still feel great with a condom on and will make for a safe and stress free encounter.
We believe that we have covered all of the basics with this guide, but should you have further questions, feel free to contact us here anytime; we’d be happy to help.
Enjoy your Dildo and play safe!
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